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Steven had been busy making Titanfall his bitch, when his phone vibrated against his knee again. It wasn’t like he’d been completely joking but still he hadn’t exactly prepared himself for an answer like that either. 

After looking down at his phone, Steven’s eyes widened slightly, the kale chip he had on the tip of his tongue being swallowed down painfully as he jumped up and scrambled up and off the couch. Okay. So Julianne had been acting really, really weird today and even though Steven had it pinned down to her leaving Luca for the first time this — well this would make sense too. 


Walking into the dark nursery, Steven used the light from the hallway outside to guide him over to where Julianne was standing watching Luca sleep. “Are you?” The funny thing was they hadn’t even had sex again since the elevator incident in Nashville. But it was still possible. 

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    Pushing her hand away from her face with his own, Steven took over from where she’d left off wiping the salt water off...
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    As Julianne was forced to look Steven in the eye, she listened to what he was saying. Nodding her head, she took a deep...